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News  -  January 24, 2022

Meta Signs PPA for Iowa Wind Project

January 24, 2022

Meta announced it executed a power purchase agreement for the Great Pathfinder Wind, a 225 MW project located in Boone and Hamilton Counties in central more

News  -  January 24, 2022

Crestwood Equity Partners Sets GHG Goals

January 24, 2022

Crestwood Equity Partners LP announced its carbon management plan and next three-year sustainability strategy, including its goals to reduce GHG intensity and Scope 2 more

News  -  January 24, 2022

Big-box Stores Could Add Solar to Lower GHG Emissions

January 24, 2022

Big-box retail and grocery stores could generate enough clean electricity to cut GHG emissions equivalent to taking more than 11.3 million cars off the road and power over 7.9 million U.S. more

Research  -  January 19, 2022

Supporting Your Energy Journey

Type: White Paper
Date Published: 1/19/2022
Source: Shell Energy
Primary Topic: GHG Emissions

January 19, 2022

The need to decarbonize has become a priority for organizations around the world. While some businesses have already set targets to lower their carbon footprint and become more sustainable, others have yet to begin this journey. In this white paper, Shell Energy charts the path to decarbonization more

Columns  -  December 20, 2021 - By Troy Doughman, Shell Energy

Decarbonizing Across the Power Value Chain

December 20, 2021 - By Troy Doughman, Shell Energy

According to the EIA, energy demand will increase by 50% by 2050 while carbon emissions need to be cut in half during that same period. As a result, businesses are facing mounting pressure to decarbonize and set net zero targets. In this column, Troy Doughman, Shell Energy, explains why now is the time for action and what businesses need to consider when creating their energy roadmap in order to meet the challenges of the energy more

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