News  -  May 23, 2018

ExxonMobil reveals GHG reduction measures

May 23, 2018

ExxonMobil announced on May 23 a series of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measures that are expected to lead to significant improvements in emissions performance by 2020, including a 15% decrease in methane emissions and a 25% reduction in flaring. more

News  -  May 23, 2018

Facebook signs wind PPA in Norway

May 23, 2018

Facebook has signed a 15-year PPA for 100% of the output from the Bjerkreim cluster of wind farms in southwest Norway. The 294 MW of capacity from the three contiguous wind projects included in the group is projected to add more than one million MW hours of renewable energy to the Nordic grid each more

News  -  May 22, 2018

3M reveals energy efficiency progress

May 22, 2018

3M announced that it has improved global energy efficiency by 30% and increased global renewable energy by 25%. These metrics are part of the company’s 2025 Global Scorecard, released with its 2018 Sustainability more

Research  -  May 23, 2018

White paper: Leveraging your generation assets to generate revenue

Type: White Paper
Date Published: 5/23/2018
Source: CPower
Primary Topic: Demand Management

May 23, 2018

This white paper, presented by CPower, walks through the challenges and issues that face generator more

Columns  -  April 30, 2018 - By Target: A Bullseye View

Target's charging up its EV program to reach more than 20 states

April 30, 2018 - By Target: A Bullseye View

All throughout Earth Month and every day at Target, we’re working toward ambitious goals to help keep the planet more

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