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May 3, 2021

Stony Brook University Receives $5 Million for Offshore Wind Research

A joint partnership with developers of New York’s Sunrise Wind offshore wind farm, Ørsted, and Eversource will include a commitment of $5 million to Stony Brook University’s research and advancement of offshore wind technology through the university’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC).

The research developed through the partnership is aimed at improving and advancing offshore wind energy and grid integration. Interdisciplinary research activities will relate to engineering, construction, and coordination of offshore wind power generation; technological innovations to reduce costs and improve offshore wind efficiency; resource assessment and wind forecasting; incorporating utility grids with intermittent renewable energy sources; and aligning offshore wind resources with other commercial offshore uses, particularly the fishing industry.

In a statement from Stony Brook University News, University President Maurie McInnis, Stony Brook University President, said, “We are excited by the possibilities this partnership with Ørsted and Eversource presents. Since opening AERTC in 2010, Stony Brook has been effectively advancing renewable energy research and training students who will become the next generation of energy experts. With this research partnership and collaboration, we are poised to make a real impact on the future production and efficiency of offshore wind energy.”

The AERTC Center, a New York State Center of Excellence in Energy, combines academic, research, and industry resources, and energy providers. Its mission is to promote innovative energy research with education, and technology. Projects also focus on renewable energy and nanotechnology applications for new sources of energy.

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