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PepsiCo reports $96M+ in energy cost savings

Energy efficiency improvements throughout PepsiCo Inc.'s global operations since 2006 have resulted in an estimated energy cost savings of more than $96 million. 

The  Purchase, N.Y.-based food, snack and beverage corporation said in its 2015 sustainability report that it increased energy efficiency in its legacy operations by 18% since its 2006 baseline. The statistic came in slightly below its target of a 20% efficiency improvement per unit of production, which the company said is a result of its growth outpacing reductions made through energy efficiency.

The company has also been working to increase the amount of renewable energy it uses to power its operations, with both pieces — clean energy sourcing and energy efficiency activities — intended to support its greenhouse gas reduction targets, which are a part of its broader sustainability goals.

"In 2015, we also achieved a slightly more than 4 percent reduction in absolute GHG emissions for legacy operations as compared with 2008, despite significant production volume growth in our business," the company wrote in its report. "While continuing to create energy efficiencies in our own operations, we plan to work with more of our suppliers to address GHG emission 'hot spots' in our value chain over the next 10 years."

Looking forward, PepsiCo also announced its 2025 sustainability targets, which includes cut absolute GHG emissions along its value chain by 20% by 2030. Its plans to reach that target include reducing the amount of fossil fuel-based energy use in its operations through energy efficiencies and by shifting to renewables and/or low-carbon solutions where possible; the company also plans to purchase and credible carbon offsets, as needed.

The full report is available on PepsiCo's website.

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