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Trinity College installing 1.4 MW fuel cell plant

With the installation of a new 1.4 MW fuel cell power plant, Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., is expecting to save 30% on its annual energy costs. 

The combined heat and power fuel cell plant will feature grid-independent operating capabilities and generate a continuous supply of onsite electricity and steam for the campus and its approximately 2,200 students, according to a May 22 announcement from FuelCell Energy Inc., which is installing the project. The fuel cell solutions company, which will own and operate the plant, executed a power purchase agreement with Trinity College that allows it to pay for power as it is produced and avoid a capital investment in power generation. 

The project will generate electricity, plus steam for the college's centralized steam system, using the same unit of fuel, thereby meeting Trinity's sustainability and economic criteria for the project while achieving overall system efficiency of at least 70%, according to the announcement. Use of the fuel cell technology is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 4,100 tons per year compared to utilizing power from the grid. 

"Trinity is committed to enhancing environmental awareness, responsibility, and sustainability throughout our College community and this onsite fuel cell power solution is a first step," Dan Hitchell, vice president for finance and operations of Trinity College, said in a statement. 


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