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HanesBrands marks progress toward energy goals

Apparel company HanesBrands has outlined its energy reduction and renewable energy use targets alongside its latest disclosure of carbon emissions and related information to the CDP. 

The company said Aug. 31 that it earned a B score for carbon emissions in the CDP's 2016 report in a nod to its transparency, effective management of emissions, implementation of best practices and its taking coordinate action on climate change issues. 

Hanes is committed to a 40% reduction in energy use and carbon emissions and sourcing renewable energy for 40% of the company's needs, and achieving zero waste by diverting company-owned supply chain waste from landfills.

Michael E. Faircloth, Hanes president and chief global supply chain officer, says the company voluntarily discloses its environmental performance data to the CDP because the company and its employees are committed to building a sustainable legacy. 

"HanesBrands has significantly reduced its energy use and carbon emissions since 2007," Faircloth said in a statement. "By embracing environmental sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, Hanes and its 68,000 worldwide employees are creating value for our company, our investors, our consumers and our communities. We are focused on continuing to make significant strides in protecting the environment, and publicly reporting progress against our goals is an important part of that effort." 

Hanes is also an eight-time winner of the U.S.  Energy Star partner of the year, sustained excellence, award.

The company reports progress against its environmental performance goals on an annual basis. Compared with its 2007 baseline, in 2016 the company reduced its energy use by 16% and carbon emissions by 16%. Hanes also shifted 25% of the energy the company uses to renewable sources. 

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