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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage  -  March 5, 2018

Auto supplier adopts energy storage system

INOAC Interior Systems, an automotive industry supplier, will deploy a 2.5 MWh energy storage system in St. Mary’s Ontario. The system will be powered by Athena, Stem’s artificial intelligence platform, which uses predictive analytics and high-speed data feeds to anticipate peak hours and release stored energy.

In a statement, Roger Dawes, president of INOAC said, "As an environment-friendly manufacturer, INOAC has strong environmental policies that guide our corporate operations. The opportunity to leverage an emissions-free resource while improving cost efficiency were the driving factors in our decision."

A goal for INOAC is to reduce the company’s Global Adjustment, a payment based on the user’s percentage contribution to the top five peak demand hours, as determined by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).  "We’re excited to partner with INOAC to reduce their energy costs and support their sustainability efforts in Canada,” said John Carrington, CEO of Stem.’"

Energy storage technology is a focus of Ontario’s 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan. "Through our Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program, we’re also providing incentives for large electricity consumers, like INOAC Interior Systems, to reduce their consumption during peak hours and lower their electricity costs," said Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy for Ontario.

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