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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency  -  October 23, 2018

University of New Mexico engineering center wins efficiency award

The University of New Mexico's Farris Engineering Center won the New Mexico Association of Energy Engineers' Energy Project of the Year award following a $26 million renovation project focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. 

The center reopened after the 18-month project in December 2017, displaying the latest technologies in energy use reduction, the university reported.

Some alterations done to the building include installing auto-dimming glazing technology in windows to control the use of overhead lighting and help with temperature management, as well as incorporating advanced room occupancy sensors into the HVAC system to reduce energy used on heating and cooling. The energy systems constantly undergo analysis and adjustment through a new Building Automation System.

"This is one of many awards that have been attributed to UNM’s on-going commitment to campus sustainability with utility costs being reduced by more than 22 percent during a time of substantial campus growth," Bob Notary, Facilities Management associate director for Engineering and Energy Services, said. "The entire sustainability program’s success is the result of the efforts of key Facilities Management Department components, including Utilities, Office of Sustainability, Area Maintenance, and Engineering & Energy Services, as well as the work being done by Lobo Energy. This is a positive program that can make our campus more attractive to potential students."

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