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Commercial, Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 30, 2019

Monetizing Energy Assets for Data Centers

Data centers are in demand as the growth of cloud computing and the subsequent challenge of powering big data has led to a data center construction boom. This white paper, presented by CPower, offers a complete guide to how these data centers can earn revenue with demand-side energy management.

Data centers with distributed resources at their facilities, such as backup generators, are in prime position to reap significant financial benefits by monetizing their existing energy assets. The report will:

  • Examine the challenges data centers face concerning energy management
  • Identify and analyze potential assets many organizations in the industry already possess
  • Review demand-side energy management including types of programs and practices
  • Present a complete demand-side energy management plan for a fictitious data center facility
  • Provide recommendations on how your data center can get started with demand-side energy management

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