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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  April 18, 2019

Dell Technologies campus gets smarter

Dell Technologies will bring smart building technology to its campus in Hopkinton, Mass. with a project that will provide real-time monitoring, fault detection & diagnostics and ongoing monitoring-based commissioning for the 313,679 square foot building and its 600+ assets including chillers, boilers, and HVAC equipment.

This solution will be used to drive corporate initiatives that propel energy savings, sustain operational efficiency and increase occupancy comfort within its facilities, according to a statement. The program will be built on Dell’s IoT Edge Gateway and FacilityConneX’s Intelligent Building Solution (powered by GE Digital’s Predix portfolio),

FacilityConneX will take the lead in reporting measurements, verification of energy reduction and identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs) to Eversource. For additional cost savings, Dell Technologies will also work with local utility Eversource to evaluate energy conservation findings and identify additional incentives for the Company.

“The incorporation of IoT solutions and increased utilization of real-time analytics is an initiative that we have not only made available to our customers but something we leverage for the advancement of Dell facilities as well,” said Paul Fitzgerald, Vice president, facilities management, Dell. “Through the combination of FacilityConneX’s real-time monitoring solution and our IoT Edge Gateway solution, we’ll be able to gain actionable insights for more effective decision making with maintenance and management efforts at our Hopkinton campus. We look forward to advancing our smart building capabilities and becoming more proactive in our facility management efforts.”

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