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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, GHG Emissions, Solar  -  June 26, 2019

Bio-tech company see 8% drop in emissions, implements efficiency projects

A Madison, WI., based life sciences innovation company saw an 8% decrease its carbon footprint and the reduction of energy use through the improvement of the efficiency of its facilities, according to its newly released 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report. 

Promega Corporation invested in energy efficiency initiatives, generates electricity from solar panels and purchases electricity from external renewable sources, which they outlined in the report.

The company is currently constructing several highly efficient buildings globally with aggressive sustainability goals and strategies, including a branch facility in the United Kingdom, the company’s largest European facility in Germany, and, in Madison, WI., a state-of-the-art research & development building as well as a new component manufacturing center.

In 2018, Promega installed LED lighting in over 475 light fixtures, saving approximately 100,000 kWh annually. Promega France was renovated in Fall 2017 with LED lighting, reducing electricity usage by 12% in 2018.

An energy-efficient central chiller plant was also installed at their facility in Madison, WI., which is estimated to save approximately 5,000,000 kWh. Retrofitting the Biopharmaceutical Technology Center in Wisconsin started in 2017 and included more cooling towers, LED lighting and controls for efficient scheduling of air handling units.

"Promega employees, tapping into their own unique passions and expertise, have been the source of many innovative and meaningful ideas," founder and CEO Bill Linton said in a statement. "These ideas, in turn, have helped our company invent new products, recycle materials, create innovative health programs, exceed customer expectations and support local communities. Someone sparked an idea and the rest of us fanned the flame."

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