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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  July 23, 2019

Efficiency keeps pace with production at Skyworks

Skyworks Solutions, Inc., a producer of high-performance analog semiconductors, reported year-over-year savings of 72.700-megawatt hours in 2018, enough to power more than 6,000 homes for one year. The company also avoided nearly 9,300 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, comparable to removing 1,974 passenger vehicles from the road for one year.

“As our overall production increased dramatically, so did our efficiency,” according to Skyworks Solutions’ 2018 Sustainability Report. “Utilizing our established environmental management systems, improvement targets were set globally, as well as for each individual site locally. Sites initiated environmental improvement projects and performance was regularly measured and reported to management. The ongoing visibility helped us exceed established targets and achieve dramatic year-over-year improvement.”

In 2018, Skyworks made a three-year purchase of RECs totaling over 93 million kWh of clean electricity. This annual offset of 31 million kWh means Skyworks sourced approximately 48% of the energy for its U.S. manufacturing facilities from clean energy sources.

“Skyworks is proud to have achieved significant efficiency improvements across all major environmental categories, particularly as we increased production and capacity,” said Steven C. Machuga, vice president of worldwide operations for Skyworks. “As an enabler of ubiquitous connectivity, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the growing demand for our wireless engines without compromising our sustainability initiatives.”

Skyworks is a global company with engineering, marketing, operations, sales and support facilities located throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

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