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GHG Emissions, Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 23, 2019

Intuit commits to 50x climate positive by 2030

Intuit pledged to surpass carbon neutrality 50 times by 2030 and abide by the 1.5-degree science-based emissions reduction targets set by the United Nations Global Compact alongside more than 12,000 other signatories in 160 countries.

The global financial platform company responsible for TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Turbo declared its climate positive “50 times by 30” target at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

Using its 2018 carbon footprint metric as a baseline, Intuit committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50 times greater than its current carbon footprint.

“Reversing climate change is critical to our mission of powering prosperity around the world, because without a healthy planet, none of us can prosper,” Sean Kinghorn, Intuit’s global sustainability leader, said in a statement. “We know that being carbon neutral is no longer enough to mitigate the effects of climate change. We believe it’s our role to make a positive impact by seeking out areas we can insert our innovation and expertise. We urge the private sector to set bolder, more ambitious science-based targets, so together we can prosper.”

Part of Intuit’s climate efforts includes a partnership with Project Drawdown, a leading resource for climate solutions. The partnership will be leveraged to urge the private sector to find new ways to innovate for climate solutions beyond its operational carbon footprint.

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