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Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar  -  November 1, 2019

Iowa plastics manufacturer unveils solar, battery storage facility

An Iowa-based plastics manufacturer instituted an energy program featuring a joint solar and battery storage project at its new power plant that will give the company greater control, efficiency and reliability in managing expensive electrical peaks.

Agri-Industrial Plastics Company’s new plant features a 517 kW roof-mounted solar array that works alongside a 212 kWh Tesla Powerwall battery energy storage system, which is controlled by an AI control system to automatically discharge at times of high energy. The system is expected to save the company an average of $42,477 per year and avoid 9,377 tons of CO2.

“We run 27 lines 24 hours a day," AIP President Lori Schaefer-Weaton said in a statement. "These are huge utility bills. Some of the payback will be strategic, longer term, by building excitement around working at Agri-Industrial Plastics and being part of something bigger.”

Within the Iowa economy, the manufacturing industry includes over 6,000 businesses and represents more than 18% of the state’s GDP. AIP has been leading the charge to increase sustainable business practices within the industry in line with energy-focused policy coming from the state.

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