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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  June 8, 2020

Rite Aid cuts energy use by 33% with LED installations

Rite Aid announced June 8 that they have reduced electricity consumption by 33% and have increased the number of in-store LED lighting installations by 8% since last year.

In their newly released 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, the drugstore chain also reported that in 2019 they partnered with 3 Phases Renewables to provide 50% renewable power for select stores in Southern California. Additionally, they installed aerodynamic skirts on the fleets of their distribution trailers and expect the project to improve overall fuel economy by 4%.

“After laying out our vision to evolve our business from a traditional retail drug store chain to a modern, pharmacy-first destination for whole-being health, we are committed more than ever to sustainable ESG initiatives that will help transform our role in the health care sector,” COO Jim Peters said in a statement. “To fulfill our mission of supporting the holistic health needs of the communities we serve, we have shifted our merchandise assortment to ensure clean, safe product ingredients, while also reducing our environmental footprint. I’m especially proud that Rite Aid has earned recognition for addressing and removing harmful chemicals from the products we sell.”

As of 2019, Rite Aid installed LED lighting at 28% of stores and hopes to add 200 stores per year going forward. Additionally, 95% of Rite Aid stores use an Energy Management System to reduce energy consumption by controlling lighting and HVAC equipment.

Many stores have design features that minimize heat transfer in and out of the building and reduce the amount of energy necessary for climate control. They have also deployed air conditioning systems that include energy efficiency ratio values up to 12% better than the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

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