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Energy Efficiency  -  June 29, 2020

New York plans 500,000 streetlight LED overhaul

New York State will be replacing at least 500,000 streetlights with LED by 2025 under a new partnership between the New York Power Authority and Signify.

The initiative will be rolled out in support of New York’s statewide Smart Street Lighting NY program, under which NYPA provides full support to those cities who wish to upgrade their street lighting system. More than 50,000 LED streetlights and Signify’s Interact City IoT lighting systems have been installed or are currently being installed as part of this program.

“In addition to illumining roadways, street lighting systems are essential vertical assets in smart city deployments,” Gil Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO, said in a statement. “Municipalities can save money on their utility bills and maintenance costs by adopting connected LED lighting while leveraging the value of their street lighting systems for additional benefits.”

Signify technology allows a municipality to monitor different aspects of the system and manage operations and data remotely to rectify issues in real-time.

“The Interact City platform opens up a variety of options for city maintenance and governance,” Abebe Woldemariam, street lighting program coordinator for the city of Rochester, said. “We can now remotely monitor the system via a central dashboard, identifying required maintenance very quickly. Should any glitch occur, the system proactively prompts managers even before our residents have noticed, and that’s a big plus.”

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