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Demand Management, Solar  -  October 14, 2020

Austin Central Library saves $100K by optimizing solar installation

Austin Central Library announced Oct. 14 that it saved more than $100,000 in annual energy costs, in part through the implementation of energy management technology that resulted in 30% higher utilization of a 157 MWh solar array in Downtown Austin.

The library implemented this technology to contribute to the City of Austin’s goal of sourcing 100% clean energy by 2035. The cloud-based, intelligent grid operating system from Apparent controls the 180 kW solar array at the library, which features 555 325-watt solar panels, and the system’s microinverters.

“Our team at Austin Central Library strives to incorporate sustainable measures within our buildings,” Sharon Herfurth, Office of Programs and Partnerships and Division Manager for Austin Central Library, said in a statement. “Using technology that helps us save on energy allows us to put more of our resources towards what really matters: our community.”

Apparent’s technology monitors the library’s electricity demand and matches available solar generation in real-time to maximize solar generation behind the meter. The system operates seamlessly with the local grid to lower the library’s carbon footprint.

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