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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  April 20, 2021

Whole Foods Market Adopts Reduced-GWP Refrigerant to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Whole Foods Market announced that more than 100 of its U.S. stores will lower CO2 emissions by retrofitting their commercial refrigerators with Honeywell’s Solstice refrigerant. 

This adoption will help Whole Foods Market achieve its goals in the EPA's GreenChill program, a partnership with food retailers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Whole Foods Market is a founding member of the GreenChill program and has certified 12 stores so far.

Conventional refrigerants such as R-404A and R-22 often damage the ozone due to their high global-warming potential (GWP). In contrast, Solstice N40 has a 68% lower GWP and consumes 5-15% less energy than R-404A. Moreover, it can be used in both new installations and existing ones, since stores can retrofit their current refrigerator systems to adopt it. 

"We've implemented several innovative measures to reduce our CO2 emissions, and the use of Honeywell's refrigerant to retrofit our stores will contribute significantly to this goal," said Mike Ellinger, Principal Program Manager of Engineering, Compliance and Sustainability at Whole Foods Market, in a statement. "After reviewing all of our available retrofit options for our refrigerated cases, R-448A was the clear winner, based on its performance, energy efficiency, reduced GWP, and ease of conversion."


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