Montgomery County Electric Bus Fleet Grows - Smart Energy Decisions

GHG Emissions, Microgrids  -  May 18, 2021

Montgomery County Electric Bus Fleet Grows

Montgomery County, Maryland, plans to reach its net zero carbon emissions goal by 2035 in part thanks to a fleet electrification project that will add a microgrid and an electric bus charging station to transition vehicles from diesel to electric.

The new fleet electrification infrastructure project uses solar photovoltaic canopies, onsite generation, battery energy storage, microgrid controls, and electric bus chargers to assure the fleet's continuous operation regardless of utility outages. The project will support converting at least 44 Montgomery County transit vehicles from diesel to electric at the county's Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot. This transition will reduce lifetime emissions by more than 155,000 tons while creating resilience in case of power outages.

The new system was designed by AlphaStruxure, which will build, finance, own, and operate the project as an energy-as-a-service solution to enable the electrification transition for Ride On Montgomery County Transit Service.

As a result of this project, carbon emissions will be cut by 62% with electric buses powered by the microgrid. The system will ensure uninterrupted bus services during any long-term power outages caused by severe weather and any short-term disturbances of the power grid. Utility demand charges and time-of-use tariffs will be avoided with ultimate dispatch flexibility. Additionally, the energy as a service approach eliminates the upfront cost to the county for the project, including all microgrid and charging infrastructure, and provides long-term cost predictability for energy supply.

"This advanced infrastructure project drives forward several of our priorities—converting our fleets to electric, reducing harmful emissions, and ensuring safety and security—in alignment with our ambitious climate goals," said Montgomery County executive, Marc Elrich in a statement. "I'm pleased that this project will also improve the County's resilience, so we can continue providing transportation services even in the event of prolonged power outages."


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