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GHG Emissions  -  June 9, 2021

Los Angeles Proposes Expansion of Sustainable Transport Incentives

Los Angeles is investing in its sustainable transportation in the hopes of reducing car dependence in order to meet the city’s Green New Deal targets.

Los Angeles City Planning and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) released June 7 proposed changes to LA’s existing Transportation Demand Management Program (TDM), which offers incentives to large-scale commercial and industrial developments for reducing the overall vehicle trips taken and offering sustainable alternative transportation. The proposed revisions would apply these same incentives to new construction projects, including multi-family residential development projects of 16 units or more.

The changes to LA’s Zoning Code would also require that projects of a certain size incorporate strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and total miles traveled. These strategies could include things such as investing in public transit, biking or carpooling.

“This program puts people first. It recognizes Angelenos' diverse transportation needs, invests in walkable, bike-friendly, transit-rich communities, and incentivizes the creation of walkable activity centers,” Director of Planning Vince Bertoni said in a statement. “By creating more efficient and sustainable options for getting around the City, we will make it easier for Angelenos to reach jobs, education, healthcare, and social activities.”

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