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GHG Emissions  -  June 14, 2021

Chief Industries Explores Carbon Capture Tech

Chief Industries is collaborating with Catahoula Resources on the development of carbon capture and sequestration technology in Nebraska.

The construction and contracting company will work with the private investment firm The Energy and Minerals Group to identify, develop and executive carbon capture capabilities for midstream assets. The group is currently evaluating infrastructure investments to enhance the sustainability and improve the economics of ethanol production through carbon storage in Nebraska, including the evaluation of favorable storage geology through Catahoula’s joint development arrangement with Battelle.

“The passage of LB650 shows that Nebraska is serious about our global environment. Allowing for the geologic storage of carbon dioxide will truly benefit the citizens and industries within our state,” DJ Eihusen, CEO of Chief Industries, said in a statement. “Chief is excited to be teaming up with a group such as Catahoula. Their expertise and knowledge in this space leaves us encouraged that Chief Industries, Inc. will continue to provide a lasting and positive environmental impact.”

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