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Energy Efficiency  -  July 1, 2021

Georgetown University Passes Utility Management Off to Increase Efficiency

Georgetown University announced July 1 a new energy partnership that will help it reach its goal to reduce overall energy use intensity by 35% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The university closed on an agreement with Georgetown Energy Partners (GEP), owned by ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure, for a long-term energy management partnership in which GEP will operate, maintain and modernize the university’s utility system. GEP will assume sole responsibility of the steam, chill water, power and domestic water systems for the main campus location and downtown law center facilities.

Axium and ENGIE have previously launched collaborations with other American universities with a focus on increasing campus sustainability and decreasing energy consumption through management strategies.

“The ENGIE team is proud to recognize the final transfer of Georgetown University's utility system to management under the unified Georgetown Energy Partners group this week,” Stefaan Sercu, managing director of Energy Solutions Americas at ENGIE, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Georgetown builds off of a successful track record of the University's long-term commitment to sustainability – through measurable infrastructure upgrades, impactful renewable generation goals, and integrated academic leadership that promotes interdisciplinary solutions to the climate crisis. We're looking forward to shaping new opportunities together that accelerate the campus community's transition to a carbon-neutral future.”

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