Fifth Season Uses Energy Management to Reduce Demand from Vertical Farming - Smart Energy Decisions

Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  July 22, 2021

Fifth Season Uses Energy Management for Vertical Farming

Fifth Season, a vertical commercial farming company, will soon be implementing an energy management system to cut its energy bills and increase its energy resilience and reliable access to clean energy.

The energy management services will be provided by Scale Microgrid Solutions with support from CPower Energy Management. The system will also allow Fifth Season to generate revenue by offering energy and ancillary services to the PJM Market.

Scale Microgrid Solutions will support the project by integrating DER assets like solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, a natural gas generator and demand response. Additionally, CPower will use market insights to optimize and facilitate the microgrid's participation in local PJM programs.

It is expected that these systems will reduce the vertical farming facility’s GHG emissions by the equivalent of 39 passenger vehicles driven in a year.

“Our indoor agriculture facility in Braddock, Pennsylvania uses robotics and fully autonomous operations to consume healthy, good-for-the-planet food,” said Brac Webb, COO/CTO and co-founder of Fifth Season, said in a statement. “Our Scale energy system and CPower demand response creates opportunities to be just as resourceful with our energy management.”

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