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GHG Emissions  -  July 28, 2021

Berry Global Approves Energy Projects to Save 100M kWh

Berry Global announced July 28 its approval of projects that will allow it to eliminate 100 million kWh of electricity use from its operations. 

This achievement follows the packaging manufacturer surpassing its original goal to eliminate 1 million kWh from its operations in 2020. Berry is already ahead of its September 2021 deadline for approving these energy projects.

An additional five million kWh were also saved through energy improvements that did not require capital investment and were implemented by staff across Berry’s facilities, which remains a large part of the company’s energy-saving strategy.. One such example was a plant in Italy where equipment was programmed to automatically shut off when not in use, eliminating a total of 45,000 kWh of electricity and 31.9 metric tons of carbon emissions.

“The one million kWh challenge was just a reminder of the little things we can all do in our plants and offices to reduce kWh consumption, like turning off the lights, turning off conveyors, and taking advantage of free cooling, but the transition to the 100 million kWh challenge in 2021 was an effort to highlight the results we can realize when we work together with the specific purpose of reducing energy consumption,” Rodgers Greenawalt, EVP  of operations for Berry Global, said in a statement.

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