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Energy Efficiency  -  September 3, 2021

Crown Point Selects Energy-as-a-Service for Efficiency Upgrades

Crown Point Health Suites will soon be undergoing a series of energy efficiency improvements to its nursing home with no upfront cost.

The long-term care facility selected Budderfly to complete the energy upgrades through their Energy-as-a-Service offering. The upgrades will include new LED light fixtures, HVAC compressor sensors, smart thermostats, and occupancy sensors.

“It was a battle to constantly change fluorescent lights out,” Rick Ruble, Crown Point co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “Lighting can make or break the look of an environment, and we were replacing as many as thirty bulbs each month. It was overwhelming for the maintenance department.” 

All of the upfront costs of the upgrades will be funded through utility bill savings, with no initial cost to Crown Point. Additionally, Budderfly will provide ongoing maintenance after the installation of the new systems. 

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