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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  February 22, 2022

CoStar Outlines Energy-Saving Strategies in New Sustainability Report

CoStar Group cut its annual power consumption by more than 2,400 kW through the consolidation of data center locations.

The online real estate company decreased its physical data center locations by 75%, from 18 locations to 4, to support its energy reduction goals. The transition to more efficient equipment has also allowed the company to decrease its energy consumption and support its cloud provider’s target to reach 100% renewable energy use by 2025.

The company released its 2022 Sustainability Report, detailing that the majority of its offices are now LEED-certified and/or Energy Star rated and that its research fleet has been converted to electric or hybrid vehicles. To further reduce its carbon footprint, CoStar is also transitioning to cloud service providers, growing its pay-for-CPU usage model to reduce total CPU costs and emissions and providing just-in-time processing to energize CPU cycles according to customer demand.

“CoStar Group is committed to supporting ESG principles both inside and outside of the company,” Andrew C. Florance, founder and chief executive officer of CoStar Group, said in a statement. “We have quietly been a leader in sustainability for decades – from converting our fleet of over 100 research vehicles from gasoline to hybrid and then to electric, to prioritizing LEED-certified and Energy Star rated buildings for our global offices. We are excited by the opportunities we have before us to produce positive change in the world and to help create a sustainable future for our company, clients, consumers, employees, communities, and shareholders.”

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