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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage, Utilities  -  August 1, 2022

Cajon Valley Union Schools Adds Chargers for Buses

Cajon Valley Union School added fast chargers for its buses that also can put electricity back on the grid.

This is a collaborative effort between SDG&E, the Cajon Valley Union School District, and technology company Nuvve.

As part of the five-year pilot project, SDG&E installed six 60kW bi-directional DC fast chargers at Cajon Valley’s bus yard in El Cajon. The first vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project to become operational in southern California will help achieve clean air and climate goals while also bolstering grid reliability.

V2G technology works by allowing batteries onboard vehicles to charge up during the day when renewable energy such as solar is abundant. The batteries then discharge clean electricity back to the grid during peak hours or other periods of high demand.

“We jumped at the opportunity to be part of this pilot project because of its potential to help us build a healthier community and better serve our students,” said Assistant Superintendent Scott Buxbaum in a statement. “If we are able to reduce our energy and vehicle maintenance costs as a result of this project, it frees up more resources for our schools and students.”

The V2G project is the first to come online in the U.S., following the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) vehicle-to-everything (V2X) initiative announcement in Los Angeles in April. 


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