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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  August 3, 2022

Liberty Mutual Insurance Joins MIT Climate Group

Liberty Mutual Insurance  announced its membership to the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC), supporting the acceleration and implementation of large-scale solutions to address climate change. 

The company joins 17 other member companies in the Consortium's efforts to conduct climate progress across industries and globally. 

"We believe collaboration is a critical component to combating climate change," said Liberty Mutual Chief Sustainability Officer Francis Hyatt, who will serve on MCSC's industry advisory board, in a statement. "As an insurer we continually see and learn more about climate change, and we're eager to bring this knowledge to MCSC and help advance the Consortium's important, urgent work."

Liberty Mutual will participate in several work streams that support MCSC's key objectives:

  • To accelerate the introduction of large-scale, feasible solutions to address the threat of climate change.
  • To advance proposals regarding sustainability opportunities, training for innovators, regulatory policies, and the development of business models across sectors.
  • To catalyze links between academic innovations and commercial scalability.
  • To materialize sustainable practices that are action-oriented and incorporate social justice, economic equity, and respect for the environment.

"We are excited to welcome Liberty Mutual to the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium and look forward to the perspective and expertise they bring from the insurance and risk management industry," said Jeremy Gregory, PhD, Executive Director of the MCSC. "Liberty Mutual will contribute to the dialogue and solutioning currently underway within the Consortium."

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