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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 28, 2022

SHEIN Sets 2030 Goals

SHEIN, a global e-retailer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, released targets to reduce overall emissions across its entire value chain by 25% by 2030 and its GHG emissions inventory for 2021 – the year that will serve as the company's baseline for achieving its Science-Based Targets. 

SHEIN partnered with Intertek, an industry-leading Total Quality Assurance provider, to measure its 2021 carbon footprint impact, calculate its Scope 3 baseline emissions and identify Science-Based Targets through jointly conducted interactive workshops. This collaboration resulted in establishing the following 2030 goals, which are being submitted via a commitment letter for validation by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi): 

  • Scope 1 emissions generated from SHEIN operations, accountable for less than 0.05% of 2021 overall emissions: Reduce absolute emissions by 42% by 2030
  • Scope 2 emissions from energy purchased to power SHEIN-owned facilities, accountable for less than 0.5% of 2021 overall emissions: Purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) for 100% of electricity used in SHEIN operations by 2030, and
  • Scope 3 emissions generated from SHEIN's entire supply chain, accountable for more than 99% of 2021 overall emissions: Reduce absolute emissions by 25% by 2030

To reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions, SHEIN will increase investments in energy-saving efforts across its operations, complemented by the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs). Given that Scope 3 generates the largest portion of SHEIN's emissions, it is critical that SHEIN works closely with partners to collaborate on a transition to renewable energy sources and carbon reduction plans.

SHEIN has also begun working with Brookfield Renewable Partners to address GHG emissions in its supply chain through the transition to powering the operations of SHEIN's supply chain partners with renewable energy. 

"Today we're taking a significant step forward, announcing a new set of 2030 goals that will help us accomplish emissions reduction targets for our entire supply chain over the next seven years," said Adam Whinston, Global Head of ESG at SHEIN in a statement. "Our partnerships with Brookfield and Aii further demonstrate our commitment to implementing long-term initiatives to empower suppliers and work to promote sustainable innovation focusing on reducing carbon emissions."   


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