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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  October 3, 2022

Santa Monica Adopts Zero Emission Building  and EV Charger Codes

The Santa Monica City Council adopted two policies that will reduce the carbon footprint of new construction projects and facilitate EV adoption in Santa Monica beginning January 1, 2023. 

The Zero Emission Building Code requires new buildings to be all-electric. The EV Charger Reach Code, an amendment to the state Green Building Code known as CALGreen, requires that new projects increase the number of EV charging spaces to help ensure that EV drivers have a spot to plug in, particularly in new multi-family buildings.

The two codes build upon existing City codes and advancement in the 2022 California Energy Code and CALGreen to encourage all-electric buildings and increase EV charging access, respectively. Both concepts were initially adopted as part of Santa Monica’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan, which aims to reduce the City’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2030.

“This is a critical step to help decarbonize the building and transportation sectors in Santa Monica,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Shannon Parry in a statement. “Ensuring that all new buildings are not burning natural gas and provide EV charging infrastructure are cost-effective strategies to improve environmental and public health while also helping prevent the need for future costly retrofits.”

Buildings account for over 30% of the City’s carbon emissions, primarily from burning natural gas for space and water heating. 


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