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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  October 5, 2022

Town of Truckee Tracks Emissions

The Town of Truckee announced the launch of a public portal that captures and monitors its carbon footprint. 

The website is now available to the public and has the ability to record granular data for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for carbon output from town buildings, public utilities, meters and vehicle fleets.

With this knowledge, the Town of Truckee and its Keep Truckee Green division will be equipped to identify blind spots in emissions management and identify opportunities to make more sustainable choices.

The town is working with nZero, a 24/7 carbon management platform. The data will help the town in its efforts towards its carbon reduction goals of reaching 100% renewable electricity town-wide by 2030, reducing GHG emissions 80% below their 2008 baseline by 2040, and achieving 100% renewable energy community-wide by 2050. 

Using this data, the town is able to take more aggressive action in implementing meaningful change to move forward those existing sustainability goals within their agenda, as well as identify new points of improvement for cost and carbon efficiency.

"Our community is incredibly engaged and educated on these matters and we're very excited to be responding to their desires to be involved and informed in these measures by providing a public portal," said Mayor of Truckee Courtney Henderson in a statement. "Truckee's climate goals are ambitious but absolutely can be achieved if informed by accurate measurements. This tool will also provide greater transparency, accountability and connection with our community.."




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