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Energy Storage, Microgrids, Utilities  -  October 13, 2022

SDG&E Adds Energy Storage and Microgrids   

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)  announced the start of testing for the company’s new 40 MW energy storage project in Fallbrook and the start of construction on one of four energy storage and microgrid projects that will bring an additional 39 MW of battery capacity to the region. 

The company has been rapidly expanding its energy storage portfolio. The company has about 95 MW of utility-owned energy storage currently available with another 200+ MW in development.

“Innovations like storage and microgrids are vital to building a more resilient electric grid that can extend the availability of renewable energy into peak demand hours and better prepare communities to manage through emergencies,” said SDG&E Vice President of Energy Innovation Miguel Romero in a statement.

Microgrids are small-scale grids that can operate independent of or parallel to the larger regional grid will also help keep critical community facilities powered during unexpected outages. Once complete, the Elliott Microgrid will have the ability to power Fire Station 39, the Tierrasanta Public Library/Cool Zone, Tierrasanta Medical Center, Jean Farb Middle School, Canyon Hills High School, and Tierrasanta and Kumeyaay Elementary Schools.



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