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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  November 4, 2022

Henderson Companies Sets 2040 Goal

Henderson Companies, the parent company of Henderson Engineers and Henderson Building Solutions, will reduce operational and embodied carbon across MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems on all projects, targeting zero by 2040. 

Operational carbon includes greenhouse gas emissions resulting from using, operating, and maintaining buildings or projects throughout their functional lives. Embodied carbon includes greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing, transporting, installing, maintaining, and disposing of building materials.

  The company has taken a variety of initial steps toward achieving that objective, including:

  • Prioritizing all-electric buildings, water conservation, and natural refrigerants on projects. These adjustments, when multiplied across hundreds of projects each year, add up to significant impacts.
  • Amending office standards and criteria for new leases to include provisions for all-electric buildings and a host of other sustainability measures including the capability to more accurately measure and control energy and water consumption.
  • Tracking GHG emissions associated with energy and water use across all 12 Henderson offices nationwide to uncover opportunities to reduce energy use, water use, and emissions.

The company is the latest signatory of the MEP 2040 Challenge, a commitment among firms that provide MEP  and other related design services to achieve net zero carbon on their projects by 2040. Henderson, which is behind projects like SoFi Stadium, Walmart Supercenters nationwide, and the upcoming new terminal at Kansas City International Airport, has taken this step as part of its long-term commitment to sustainability.

“Joining the MEP 2040 commitment aligns with our own climate goals and the climate pledges of many of our clients and partners,” said Brian Alessi, sustainability director for Henderson Engineers in a statement. “As professionals who leave a long-lasting impact on the environment through the buildings we design, it’s our duty to make sure our work not only does the least amount of harm possible but also regenerates the planetary systems we rely on to thrive. We fully understand that it isn’t enough to simply pledge that we’ll do the right thing.”




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