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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  January 30, 2023

Warner Music Group Sets Emission Goals

Warner Music Group announced it worked to reduce GHG emissions by measuring WMG's annual global footprint and setting targets in line with climate science to reduce emissions and procure renewable energy.

The entertainment company is building on several supplier partnerships to produce more sustainable record options, particularly recycled vinyl.

WMG announced a new effort with Sonopress to provide fans with records that use an estimated eight times less energy, reduce GHG emissions per record by approximately 85%, and have the same sound quality as traditional vinyl. Sales of these records will be piloted in 2023 with a view to scale over time.

The company also reduced output of virgin raw plastic traditionally used for physical audio products and packaging by approximately 520 tons.

"Music is a powerful and positive force, and WMG is filled with passionate change-makers and champions of culture,” said WMG's new CEO Robert Kyncl in a statement. “This report highlights the strong foundation for the company's continued evolution that's been built under Steve's leadership. As we chart the next phase of our long-term growth, we're committed to our ESG efforts as a critical part of our plan for WMG as a more dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable company."

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