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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency  -  March 30, 2023

Boston University Adds BMS for City’s Largest Net-Zero Building

Boston University has added a building management system (BMS) and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) platform for continuous commissioning at its Center for Computing and Data Sciences. The newly completed education center is the largest net-zero building in Boston and sets a new standard for sustainable, all-electric buildings across the city.

The education center,  which measures 345,000 square feet, will be heated and cooled with 31 geothermic wells and electricity supplied through a long-term campus procurement with a South Dakota wind farm.

"Not only will the new Center for Computing and Data Sciences serve as a vital resource for students, but the building's geothermal system is demonstrating the strategy for decarbonizing building operations.” said Elijah Ercolino, Executive Director of Planned Maintenance & Engineering at Boston University, in a statement

The university will utilize the new energy management system – supplied by Schneider Electric – to closely monitor and control energy use throughout the education center.

Boston's Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) requires all large buildings to gradually reduce emissions to net-zero operations by 2050. Ordinances such as BERDO are proliferating to help guide organizations toward carbon neutrality.


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