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Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  August 30, 2023

Ford Pro Expands Charging Solutions for Commercial Customers

Ford Pro, the commercial division within Ford Motor Company, revealed new charging hardware that will help commercial customers transition their fleets to electric.

Designed for commercial vehicle use, the new Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp and expanded DC Fast Charger options simplify EV charging for both Ford and non-Ford electric vehicles.

“We’re committed to helping businesses make the transition to electric easy with a single-minded focus on curated commercial charging solutions,” said Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO, in a statement. “With our tailored EV consulting and portfolio of charging hardware and software solutions, we can design, implement and operate solutions for Ford and other brands that will last for many years to come. And we are not afraid to tell customers when electrification is not yet a good fit and support them with other solutions.”

Ford Pro’s BEV Fit team provides complimentary consulting to customers to identify available incentives, consult on charging site design and construction, and collaborate with local utilities on energy needs.

The features of the new hardware include enhanced security with RFID that limits unwanted charger access; an improved detachable cable and connector that reduces time and expense of charger repairs and avoids replacement of the entire charging station if a cable or connector is damaged; and a wide range of connectivity options with cellular pre-configured and optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for locations with restricted cellular coverage.

The new Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 Amp will be ISO-15118 ready and equipped to enable future functionality over the air, such as advanced vehicle to charger communications that can identify and log when a specific vehicle connects. 


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