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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  December 1, 2023

Music Industry Launches Climate Collective

Music companies Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group announced the establishment of the Music Industry Climate Collective (“MICC”), a new music industry alliance to address the challenges and changes in global climate change.

In a statement, MICC’s founding members said, “This initiative demonstrates what can be achieved when music leaders come together with a shared vision and commitment to sustainability. We are proud to collaborate to amplify environmental stewardship and offer practical recommendations and strategies tailored to the unique needs of music companies, regardless of their size or scale of operations. Together, we must continue to make progress on this vital priority. We welcome all to join us in reducing our industry’s carbon footprint by working together to ensure an environmentally responsible future for music and our planet.”

The American Association of Independent Music (or A2IM), the not-for-profit trade organization representing a community of over 600 independently owned record labels operating within the U.S., was named as an advisor to MICC. 

MICC plans to have A2IM assist with recommendations on how to include small-to-medium-sized businesses by connecting the indies’ critical perspective to the initiative.

In a significant step towards addressing music’s environmental impact, MICC’s first initiative will be the deployment of comprehensive sectoral guidance for measuring Scope 3 GHG emissions. For the music sector, the vast majority of GHG emissions are in Scope 3, which includes product manufacturing, distribution, and licensing.

MICC’s members have worked with scientific experts to complete their first draft of the guidance, which will be made available for industry participants’ consideration.

The establishment of an industry-specific approach to calculating Scope 3 emissions will provide a science-based standard that will offer guidance to partner companies seeking to initiate measurement of their own emissions, and encourage consistency in how music companies develop and disclose GHG inventories.

MICC’s member companies are also members of the Music Climate Pact, which sets out the music sector’s commitments to combat climate change. 

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