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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  December 20, 2023

Case Study: Ford Motor Company - 50001 Ready

Plant energy efficiency is a priority for Ford Motor Company and is a key component of its sustainability commitment. Participation in the 50001 Ready program allowed Ford to update and better integrate the management systems approach into its energy management operating system (EMOS) while reemphasizing energy efficiency’s importance to the company’s sustainability plan.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes Ford Motor Company for achieving 50001 Ready recognition at 31 of its U.S.-based sites. The 50001 Ready program is a self-paced, no-cost way for organizations to build a culture of structured energy improvement that leads to deeper and sustained energy and GHG savings. Recognition is available for facilities and organizations that self-attest to the implementation of an ISO 50001-based energy management system without external audits or certifications.

Read this case study to explore Ford's key takeaways in implementing a 5001 Ready Energy Management System:



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