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Report: US solar, wind capacity shatters EIA estimates

... EIA projected a decade earlier, according to the NRDC. The report, "America's Clean Energy Revoluti...ming economy," Amanda Levin, report co-author and NRDC clean energy advocate, said in a statement. "...lions to our nation’s economy annually."The NRDC report shows the EIA in 2006:Misjudged the hu Read More...

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Siemens, Tesla , NRDC and others push NY on EV

...y 40 organizations, including Siemens, Tesla, and NRDC, was submitted to the New York Public Service...ions, environmental NGOs, and other organizations.NRDC noted that New York has the potential to that utilities and other parties bring to bear. Read More...

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Climate action makes (business) sense for U.S. utilities

...rter, director, power sector, plays a key role at NRDC by promoting the development and adoption of ...rgy equity and affordability. She has represented NRDC in numerous regulatory proceedings, rule maki... Economy.Elisheva Mittelman, program assistant of NRDC's Climate team, supports efforts to reduce ca Read More...
Author: Sheryl Carter
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San José Adopts Strongest Building Code Among Large Cities

...l assistance from the New Buildings Institute and NRDC, among others. The city was also encouraged t...This column originally appeared as a blog post at on September 18, 2019.Maria Stamas is Wes...Stamas is Western Director, Energy Affordability, NRDC.  Pierre Delforge is Senior Scienti Read More...

Columbus adopts Ohio's first energy benchmarking program

...strategist for the American Cities Climate Challenge at the NRDC, said in a statement. Buildings 100,000 square feet and above will be required to submit data for the entire 2020 calendar year by June 2021 and buildings 50,000 square feet and above will submit data starting for the 2021 calenda Read More...

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NRDC's 8th Annual Energy Report: Slow and Steady Will Not Win the Climate Race

NRDC presents its 2020 Annual Energy Report, for 2019 and part of 2020, highlighting both the progress made and challenges to face in transitioning to a carbon-free economy.There was good, mixed, and bad news for the U.S. energy sector in 2019 - though the events of 2020 and the unexpected shif Read More...

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The Texas Energy Catastrophe and Clean Energy

...RC Project, Climate & Clean Energy Program at NRDC, focuses on developing a modern, flexible, an...onal transmission organizations. Prior to joining NRDC, Moore was a senior attorney at the Environme... University of Pittsburgh. He is based in Chicago. Read More...
Author: John Moore, NRDC
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Denver Strategizes Electrification of Homes and Businesses

...ul indoor air pollution,” Alejandra Mejia Cunningham, NRDC’s building decarbonization advocate, said in a statement. “We’ve already got the technology and the trained local workforce—and now, we’ve got a plan to bring these healthy, climate-friendly appliances to Read More...

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California Forging Ahead on Zero Emission Buildings

... used in larger non-residential buildings.Source: NRDC based on UC Davis, Western Energy Cooling Cen... ability to adopt their own building energy code. NRDC partnered with the New Buildings Institute to...workforce and evolving their marketing practices. NRDC expects that together with complementary fina Read More...
Author: Pierre Delforge, NRDC
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