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Distributed Energy Resources, Industrial, Microgrids  -  January 15, 2019

Shell adds microgrid to Technology Center

Shell’s Technology Center in Houston has installed a microgrid to power part of the 200-acre campus while also serving as a research tool for Shell International Exploration & Production Company, Inc.’s work to explore the next generation of clean power and distributed energy technologies.

The microgrid, designed by Black & Veatch, incorporates solar photovoltaic panels, a natural gas reciprocating engine, and an advanced battery storage system to provide clean, resilient energy to the facility, which is the largest of Shell’s three technology hubs; the others are in Amsterdam and Bangalore.

A statement explained that the system combines 300 kilowatts (kW) of ground-mounted solar, a 127-kW natural gas generator, a 250-kW, 1,050-megawatt-hour (MWh) lithium ion battery, and a 250-kW load bank. In early 2019, the microgrid will be expanded to include additional Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) technologies and electric vehicle chargers.

“This project is an important step in Shell’s efforts to explore and develop new energy technologies as we work towards our goal to power progress together by providing more and cleaner energy solutions,” said Jon La Follett, energy system Integration and storage program lead in Shell’s New Energies Research and Technology Department. “Our New Energies business is working diligently to develop game-changing energy solutions, not just in urban areas like Houston, but in rural and remote areas around the world, from Asia to Africa.”

 “The microgrid is already generating value for STCH by providing resilient, renewable power for part of our campus,” La Follett said. “And by exporting power to the local grid, we are generating economic benefit.” Shell also expects to use the diversity of components involved in the microgrid to test combinations of distributed energy resources.”

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