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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, Solar  -  July 11, 2019

NYC expands EV charging for municipal fleet

The City of New York has received delivery of a $3.3 million, 50-unit purchase of EV ARC™ units, which will provide charging to electric vehicles across multiple departments including city police, fire, and other essential city services.

The delivery is the latest part of a multi-year contract awarded to Envision Solar International in 2017 to supply EV ARC™ products for its rapidly growing fleet of EVs, according to a statement from the company.

In a recent newsletter, the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) announced that it had achieved considerable savings after it began switching its fleet to electric vehicles (EV) as part of the City’s “NYC Clean Fleet Initiative,” which aims to cut the GHG emissions of the NYC Fleet (NYCF) by 50 percent by 2025. As of January 2019, New York City had 1,756 EVs on the road, with another 163 on order. As a result, New York City has one of the largest fleets from which it can gather and analyze actual real-world data on the performance of its EV fleet of vehicles.

The EV ARC™ unit’s rapid deployment, which requires no construction nor planning or installation services, makes it a highly scalable, rapidly and easily deployed EV infrastructure solution. In addition, the EV ARC™ continues to provide EV charging during power outages, whether caused by weather events, grid capacity failures, public emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. The product’s integrated emergency power panel also has the capability to provide potentially vital power to first responders during these times.


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