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GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  October 1, 2019

Carnegie Mellon signs wind PPA, REC purchase

Carnegie Mellon University signed a series of multiyear energy agreements through 2024, including the purchase of energy from the Radford’s Run Wind Farm and the purchased of RECs to match its energy usage.

The university signed the PPA with ENGIE Resources to use the power purchased from the Radford’s Run Wind Farm in Macon County, Ill., to power its Pittsburgh campus.

CMU has previously offset 100% of its electric power consumption via REC purchases. The PPA with the Macon County wind farm will allow the university to be even more sustainable in its operations while it continues to purchase Green-e RECs equivalent to the removal of more than 21,000 cars from highways over two years.

"We believe sustainability is far more than an academic concept or a performance target,” Martin Altschul, director of strategic facilities initiatives at CMU, said in a statement. “It's a way of life that we reflect in our programs, courses, and student-led initiatives aimed at preserving and protecting our natural resources. It's also ingrained in our approach to responsible financial planning. ENGIE shares in our dedication, and we're pleased to have them as an ally in our sustainable business strategy."


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