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November 20, 2019

Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Fred Mazurski join Smart Energy Decisions team

John Failla, founder and editorial director of Smart Energy Decisions has announced the addition of two highly regarded energy industry veterans, Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Fred Mazurski, to the SED team.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler joins as director of education programs with responsibility for developing conference programming and special editorial projects. He brings 30 years of industry experience including executive positions at Constellation Energy and holds granted or pending patents related to Smart Grid demand response applications. Kelly-Detwiler is also a principal of Northbridge Partners, where he provides strategic consulting to a variety of companies, with a focus on integrating new technologies into the evolving electric power grid.

“This is a pivotal time for corporations and institutions working to navigate through the complexities of energy markets and technologies,” said Kelly-Detwiler. “SED plays an important role in building a community and marketplace of ideas in which professionals can find answers.  I’m pleased to be joining the talented SED team to help further its mission of building an affordable, sustainable energy economy.”

"Peter is one of the smartest people I know in the industry. His inquisitive nature and desire to advance industry knowledge will serve our community well in his new role with Smart Energy Decisions,” said Failla. 

Fred Mazurski has been named director of industrial relations at Smart Energy Decisions. In this new role, Mazurski will focus on expanding SED’s service offering and engagement with large power users in the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors. Mazurski has 35 years of experience in the energy industry, where he managed the energy supply and energy reduction strategies for USG Corporation. He is currently principal of FM Energy Consulting.

“I am passionate about the field of energy,” said Mazurksi. “In my previous life as director of energy for a major corporation, I was responsible for energy spend and usage at 65 energy-intensive manufacturing plants in North America. This, among other duties, involved initiatives to reduce energy intensity. My job is to bring my knowledge of what Smart Energy Decisions has to offer to other energy and sustainability managers of energy-intensive industrial organizations.”

"Fred and I laugh about his initial skepticism about becoming a member of our community a few years ago when he was a corporate buyer,” said Failla. “He's gone from being a skeptic to engaging with us, to becoming a member of the SED advisory board to his new role as a member of our team"

In welcoming the new members of the SED team, Failla noted, "I've worked with both Peter and Fred and have great respect for their deep industry experience and shared passion to serve the industry, Their combined 60+ years of energy industry experience will add greatly in fulfillment of our mission to help large power users navigate the energy transition." 

Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Fred Mazurski will be at Smart Energy Decisions' upcoming 2020 Innovation Summit. For more information, visit the event website.


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