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Energy Efficiency  -  February 4, 2020

University of Akron included in Ohio city LED overhaul

The University of Akron and the City of Akron, Ohio, are undergoing the installation of 252 new LED streetlights in the South Exchange Street Corridor neighborhood of the city.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of May and is a result of a partnership between the University of Akron, City of Akron and Ohio Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp.

"We're pleased to see the first new LED streetlights being installed here today, and we appreciate the city and Ohio Edison including this neighborhood where so many UA students reside, as part of the initiative," University of Akron President Gary L. Miller said in a statement. "This project, which will create a more appealing and secure environment for all residents, is the kind of win-win collaboration that the University is eager to engage in and support."

The new streetlights feature longer service life and brighter, higher-quality light, in addition to the ability to accommodate newer technology that can be added in the future, such as motion sensors and cameras.

Following this installation, the city expects ten other Akron neighborhood centers to receive LED streetlights through the “Great Streets Initiative” program in the coming years.

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