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Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  April 27, 2020

Town of Niagara moves forward with community solar project

The town board of Niagara, N.Y., unanimously voted April 14 to submit a non-binding letter of intent to Nexamp, Inc. for a community solar project that would supply the local utility and allow energy savings of almost 10% for residents and municipalities.

The board agreed to allow Nexamp to start studying the possible location for the project at the town-owned landfill, The Buffalo News reported. Nexamp currently has 18 similar community solar projects in New York and was the second-highest bidder on the project.

If the project is approved, Nexamp will pay Niagara $58,000 a year plus a 2% annual interest under the lease for the solar project. The deal would also provide an additional $23,000 a year to be shared with Niagara County and the Niagara-Wheatfield Central School District.

Niagara County has increased their sustainability initiatives in other ways recently as well, such as the participation of the Lamb Lakeshore Dairy farm in Wilson, Niagara County in the “Yellowjacket” biogas project implemented by Brightmark in February. Additionally, just southeast outside of Niagara County, the Miller Sonshine Acres Farm in Corfu, N.Y., announced in July 2017 that they reduced their energy bill by 65% after the installation of two on-site wind turbines. 

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