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Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 3, 2020

Vermont plans local 2.2 MW solar project

Morrisville Water and Light in Vermont will soon be receiving power from a 2.2 MW solar project that is currently under construction on land used for corn silage.

The Lawrence Brook Solar project is expected to produce approximately 3,410,000 kWh of electricity in the first year and is projected to fulfill Morrisville Water and Light’s distributed generation requirement under Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard. The project is the result of a partnership between Vermont Public Supply Authority and Encore Renewable Energy formed in 2018. This is the second project developed as a result of that partnership, which now manages a portfolio of 10 MW of clean energy generation.

“Lawrence Brook Solar is a triple win,” VPPSA General Manager Ken Nolan said in a statement. “It allows Morrisville’s community to achieve its renewable energy goals, helps keep land in a local resident’s hands, and supports a Vermont-based business. The project epitomizes how VPPSA’s partnership with Encore Renewable Energy enhances local communities and our economy.”

The solar project will be built on property owned by a Morrisville resident, who will receive partial revenue and maintain ownership throughout the duration of the 25-year lease agreement.

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