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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  July 16, 2020

The RMR Group saw $771K in energy savings last year

The RMR Group saw energy savings of $771,000 from a real-time energy monitoring program in 2019 and $1.76 million in savings since the launch of the program.

The asset management firm released their 2019 Sustainability Report, in which they reported that they saved 56,464 kBtu in energy use and 6,441,539 kgCO2e in emissions through various energy-saving initiatives. In 2019, 31 of their properties were LEED Certified and 47 were ENERGY STAR Certified. 

The company said they allocate capital from their budget each year to projects that reduce energy use and help progress their sustainability goals, including lighting upgrades, HVAC controls optimization, lighting controls, retro-commissioning, variable frequency drives, high-efficiency HVAC equipment and other improvements for green building certifications.

“Sustainability initiatives -- minimizing our impact on the environment, embracing the communities where we operate and attracting top professionals -- have been integral practices at RMR and our client companies for many years,” Adam Portnoy, President and Chief Executive Officer of RMR and Chair of the REIT boards, said in a statement. “This inaugural Sustainability Report articulates several of these practices, signifies our commitment to sustainability and underscores our significant ESG progress. Given the magnitude of our nationwide operations, we believe sustainability must be a strategic focus alongside economic performance across RMR and our client companies.”

The company has implemented other energy initiatives as well, such as green leasing for tenants, energy management best practices and regular energy audits. These “best practices” include things like benchmarking and real-time energy monitoring and a demand response program with more than 2.2 MW of capacity reduction.

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