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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  September 16, 2020

PwC to decarbonize operations and supply chain by 2030

PwC announced Sept. 15 that they plan to decarbonize their entire operations and supply chain and achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

The accounting firm is committed to reducing their total greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and to switch to 100% renewable electricity in all territories in that time. The reduction of their operational emissions will also be driven by energy efficiency improvements in their offices and halving the emissions associated with business travel and accommodation in that same timeframe, as flights alone are estimated to account for 85% of the network’s carbon footprint.

The company will work with clients to reduce their emissions, in addition to reducing emissions from PwC’s suppliers and the operations, including travel, of the entire PwC network. To cover the remaining unavoidable emissions, PwC will invest in carbon removal projects. By 2030 the company plans to be able to remove a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere for every remaining ton they emit.

"A net zero world is within reach,” Bob Moritz, Global Chairman of the PwC network, said in a statement. “Getting there will take innovation, hard work, collaboration and bold thinking but the benefits will be immense. The business community has a responsibility to act and we are determined to play our part, not just in our own operations and supply chain, but also in the way we advise and support our clients to create a sustainable world for future generations."

PwC also plans to increase their role as a leader in the field of research around transitioning to a net zero economy, including through work to develop robust ESG reporting frameworks and standards. The company will continue to contribute to public policy developments at national, regional and global levels.

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