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Solar  -  September 30, 2020

Fort Bragg to host Southeast's largest floating solar plant

The U.S. Army base at Fort Bragg, N.C., will soon receive the Southeast’s largest floating solar plant as part of a $36 million Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC).

The 1.1 MW system will be the result of a UESC awarded to Duke Energy and will focus on energy resilience and security at the base, including infrastructure modernization like lighting and water upgrades, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and boiler system improvements. Ameresco will build the floating solar system on the Big Muddy Lake at Camp Mackall, while the system will be owned and operated by Fort Bragg once completed.

Paired with a 2 MW battery energy storage system, the 1.1 MW solar array will supplement power to Fort Bragg from the local grid and provide backup power during service outages.

"As a leader in solar energy, we're excited to bring this unique project to Fort Bragg," said Melisa Johns, vice president of  Distributed Energy Solutions at Duke Energy, said in a statement. "This project takes a comprehensive look at the way energy is being used at Fort Bragg and will lead to more efficient energy use and significant cost savings."

Construction is expected to begin on the project in November.

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