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GHG Emissions, Solar  -  January 21, 2021

Clean energy programs power New York State communities

New York State announced on Jan. 20 that it added three new community choice aggregation programs (CCA) in 2020 to more than 100,000 utility account holders in twelve communities. CCA programs help residents save money in addition to supporting local economic growth and helping to meet state climate goals. 

With two existing CCAs, the state now has community choice operations in twenty municipalities, all but one offer 100% renewable energy at a fixed rate that is lower than residents have historically paid for standard (non-renewable) supply. 

Joule serves as the program administrator and has enrolled more than 1,700 customers in community solar programs, enabling these subscribers to save up to 10% on electricity.  The community solar programs offer guaranteed electricity bill savings in the form of solar bill credits made possible through state incentives for clean energy generation.  

"This is an easy way for people to access renewable electricity at competitive rates,” Sue Hughes, principal at Roctricity, Joule's local partner providing outreach and public education to communities said in a statement. “Together, we will spur the growth of renewable energy on the grid and promote a cleaner energy future." 

By the end of 2021, Joule expects to launch four additional community choice aggregations in eight New York communities, including Rochester—the largest city in the state to move forward with CCA—and a first-of-kind community choice program that includes opt-out community solar in the Villages of Brockport and Lima.

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