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GHG Emissions  -  June 4, 2021

Intel Explores Tech to Lower Data Center Emissions

Intel is collaborating on developing a reference design architecture that will accelerate the adoption of sustainable carbon-neutral computing in data centers.

The tech company is working with Energy Internet Corporation on this project to create technology based on long-duration energy storage. Such technology would allow more resilient renewable energy to power data centers at a lower cost than traditional designs. 

The reference architecture will be scaled for different data center classes and will use EIC’s long-duration energy storage solution to allow data centers to be powered by constant renewable energy supply. EIC is collaborating with Intel on this project in the pursuit of its own sustainability goals to lower its overall environmental impact and the carbon footprint of its data center operations.

“Over the decades, sustainability has been a corporate goal for many leading corporations, including cloud service providers who power the digital world,” Intel Fellow Mohan J. Kumar said in a statement. “Achieving carbon free has proven to be an elusive goal for the industry, mostly due to lack of energy storage technologies that last over 24 hours and that are able to the overcome intermittency of green energy sources and the associated curtailment issues. Our exploration with EIC will tap Intel's broad portfolio of sustainability technologies to explore new energy storage solutions using compressed air energy storage.”

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